Essence of France in the Caribbean

Martinique, a sailing destination

"Strolling the narrow streets, one can not be entirely certain if one is in the West Indies or France."

This Caribbean jewel exudes a distinctly French air, combining Gallic and West Indian cultures and cuisine. On the south coast lies Ste Anne with a Club Med and Marin, one of the Caribbean’s largest yachting centers. Off the southwest corner of Martinique, the largest of the Windward Islands, sits Diamond Rock, once commissioned as British warship.

Fort de France, one of our favorite places, is a bustling small French city with many boutiques selling stylish shoes and the latest Parisian fashions. Carnival here is a party not to be missed. Spectacularly costumed, these islanders cavort through the streets trying to outdo each other with lavish costumes and energetic music. Across the bay are Pointe du Bout and the Trois Islets, near where the Empress Josephene grew up. Here you will find the 4 star Hotel Bakoua and the bones of the abandoned La Meridian Hotel on the beach of the anchorage.

St. Pierre, once the capital of Martinique, sits at the base of Mt. Pelée , which last erupted in May of 1902, devastating the city, taking possibly 40,000 lives and 12 ships anchored in the bay. Today, strolling the narrow streets of this sleepy village, one cannot be entirely certain if one is in the West Indies or France.

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