The Isle of Spice

Grenada, a sailing destination

"An island with a wild history, even by the piratical standards of the Caribbean."

Grenada's past is scribed into place names, the buildings, even the trees in the forests. Something to think about as you sip a cold Carib beer. Columbus sailed in when Grenada was still home to the Carib Indians who gave their name to the sea (and the beer). History is everywhere. The capital, St George's, has the unmistakable look of a military outpost, dominated by a 300-year-old fort. There have been wars and rebellions, and even more recent events like a revolution in the eighties are commemorated with colorful roadside paintings.

According to the number of smiles we encounter, Grenada is one of the friendliest islands in the Caribbean. The spectacular volcanic terrain does mean fewer beaches to choose from, though there are many fine anchorages and the underwater sculpture garden in the marine park just offshore, in Moliniere Bay, is a “must see”.

Carriacou is the most southerly of the Grenadines, a 20 mile sail north of Grenada, and is the largest of the chain of islands between Grenada and St. Vincent. While in Carriacou whether you choose to explore ashore, snorkel, swim, dive or simply stroll, you will experience the special lure of this gem and its islets. Enjoy, and bask in what one might refer to as a paradise for water lovers. In April for the last 3 years Carriacou has also hosted a Maroon Festival, with great success, featuring local and international artists performing in music, dance, drumming, etc. Local cooking is also a major part of the festival, and one day of the festival you can get everything for free, just like in the traditional maroons where one village invites the other villages to enjoy the year’s harvest.

Discovering Carriacou's hidden ruins and remote pristine cove beaches can provide an entire day of adventure. You'll find no high rise buildings, casinos, malls or flashy night clubs on Carriacou; just crystal clear water, white sand beaches and a laid-back attitude.

Published on Feb 16, 2014
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